About Your Missionary

Serving in Asia since 2001

Working as a missionary/minister in the Xi Lin Cumberland Presbyterian Church, I focus on the areas of music and media in worship and outreach, as well as planting a multi-national English-language congregation in Yuen Long.

HK's Yuen Long District

The oldest inhabited area of HK

Located in the remote northwest of HK, near the border with Mainland China, Yuen Long District has for many years been seen as a trouble-spot -- and our CP churches have poured considerable resources into their ministries there.

About Our Schools

"Education is the key to our mission"

With a primary (elementary) school in Tin Shui Wai since 2000, and a secondary (high) school in Yuen Long since 2006, the CP churches in HK are having a huge impact on thousands of families in these communities.


Urban Ministry in Asia's World City

New York + London + Hong Kong = "NyLonKong"

That's right: NyLonKong. Google it. It's the global triumvirate of financial powerhouses that have smoothed the movement of people and capital from east to west and everywhere in between. "World Cities" sociologists have dubbed them -- and Hong Kong is ASIA's world city.

But out a ways from the glitzy neon-lit downtown areas where investment bankers rush along in their $1000 suits and tourists cram themselves into shops buying as many luxury brands as they can carry, Hong Kong is a VERY different place. The cliche is to point out that HK is a "city of contrasts" -- 100-storey office towers, but also with towering mountains and inviting beaches; world-class shopping and art galleries, but also with street markets and hawkers on every corner; one of the highest densities of McDonald's and Starbucks in the world, but also home to even more dai pai dong (street restaurants) and dim sum eateries. So YES, it's a city of contrasts -- that's totally true. But focus on that, and you still miss the main thing.

Put it this way: If you've traveled enough, you know what it means to say that "all big cities feel the same" -- but Hong Kong really is DIFFERENT, somehow. Seriously. In a way that is hard to describe, HK feels like no other place in the world -- not always a comfortable place (the weather stinks), not always an affordable place (housing costs are astronomical) -- but always, somehow, uniquely "Hong Kong."

So no matter in the high-rises of Central, or the village alleyways of Yuen Long -- Hong Kong is all that, and YES, it's a "world city" -- but most importantly, Hong Kong is OUR city....